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Don't risk your career on text-based personality tests that are decades old, inaccurate, and not based on visual neuroscience. Discover your unique strengths and true purpose.

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  • 9-minute assessment
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Why assess? One bad apple costs...


Almost 50% of new hires fail within 18 months. Experts say keeping or hiring one wrong person can cause a domino effect, resulting in lost revenue and employees. What if you could read the minds of top performers and match traits and culture fit to prioritize candidates? Could you hire and retain more rock stars instead of bad apples?

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Traditional assessments are obsolete


Only 30% complete text or word tests. Most questions are "either/or," can easily be "gamed," and access only two brain areas related to 10% of decision-making.



Some tests are too short. How can they be accurate in only 90 seconds? Most are too long. Up to 45 minutes. That's why 70% doze off before they finish.



Most tests were invented eons ago and are blind to how our brains work. Few assess for soft skills and none for the most critical trait: TRUST.


I'm unique, fast, and affordable...

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CQ Assessment Science

DiSC, BIG-5, Myers-Briggs, and similar tests are now 40 to 80 years old and were never based on science. The BIG-5 scores for neuroticism--hardly PC--and even Myers-Briggs does not recommend the MBTI for recruiting. Kolbe, Predictive Index, Culture Index, etc. are ten to twenty years old but somewhat more up to date. However, they can be complex and costly and not nearly as accurate as the Triune Brain Profiling System™ I use, created by RemotelyMe. RemotelyMe's patent pending system is the only one based on neurotransmitter and brain chemical balances, and is therefore the most accurate. It's backed by a decade of research completed by several PhD neuroscientists, including Dr. German Fresco, the author of TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR SUCCESS. Test validity and efficacy has been documented and field proven across thousands of individuals and almost a decade of use in professional environments for leading firms such as Cisco, HP, Oracle, SAP, and Visa. The neuroscientific studies and validation are documented in the award-winning books THE 7 SECRETS OF NEURON LEADERSHIP and START WITH WHO by a New York Times bestselling author who also has a Harvard University neuroscience certification and two leadership coaching certifications. RemotelyMe's patent-pending system is the only one that can determine brain oxytocin levels--the most accurate indicator for Trust Factors--to ensure you place the right people in the right seats. I also uniquely use AI and neuroscience to determine prospect profiles and create personalized Communications Playbooks to help you close candidates before you lose them to competitors. Want more detailed information? Enter your email below.

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The Right People, The Right Seats, The Right Way™

Neuroscientists agree. We have three brains that are logical, emotional, and instinctual. Other tests only appeal to our logical brain. My Triune Brain Visual Profiling™ system uniquely uses visual storytelling to access all three brains responsible for 100% of decision-making, not just 10%. Minds can wander with other tests. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million. Moreover, studies show visual storytelling drives 1400% more attention. A 90-second test is too short, and 45-minutes is too long. Studies validate that my 9-minute visual experience is just right to ensure a 97%+ completion rate. I'm the only one who can determine soft skills, culture fit, and TRUST. Scroll down to find out why HIGH TRUST drives 20% more revenue...

Soft skills are 10X more critical than hard skills

LinkedIn studies show that a lack of soft skills can lead to 10X more bad hires than a lack of hard skills.


Also known as Flexibility or Resiliency, this measures how well someone can adapt to fast-paced or stressful environments. It directly relates to the balance between norepinephrine and serotonin. To the left is an actual assessment for top-performers on a 10-person team.

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Individuals with highly analytical brains and high norepinephrine levels, for example, may use more complex language. This can skew their score if not considered. To the left is an actual assessment for top-performers on a 10-person team.

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We may want everyone to be creative, but don't you want someone more practical versus creative for say, operations or finance? Creative types have lower serotonin, which may also make them more reactive. To the left is an actual assessment for top-performers on a 10-person team.

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Critical Thinking

Also known as Problem Solving, this relates to our analytical brain and norepinephrine levels, so this should be considered for less logical types with higher serotonin levels. To the left is an actual assessment for top-performers on a 10-person team.

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This relates to Emotional Intelligence, but neuroscience says creative types, for example, are more reactive--so we should adjust for this. High oxytocin is needed for high trust and emotional intelligence. To the left is an actual assessment for top-performers on a 10-person team.

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This affects our Self-Motivation, Perseverance, and Emotional Intelligence and should be adjusted per profile type. High serotonin types will have higher temperament, but this may not be optimal for some positions. To the left is an actual assessment for top-performers on a 10-person team.

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High interactivity is optimal for some positions. To the left is an actual assessment for a 10-person team. Note how #14 is low? He is also low for Communications. Assessments validated that 90% of successful realtors are extroverted and not analytical. This person is introverted and analytical, so perhaps not the best fit for this role.

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Trust is critical for any firm, but even more important for remote or hybrid workers. Clinical studies show that individuals with low oxytocin levels have difficulty trusting or working in high trust environments, so measuring brain oxytocin directly relates to trust. To the left is an actual assessment for a 10-person team.

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Do you have any of these issues?

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Validated by leading experts

The neuroscience, profiling frameworks, and NLP I use has been validated by neuroscientists and HR executives, and documented in a book by a New York Times bestselling author with a Harvard University Neuroscience Certification. The current and former Visionaries (CEOs) of EOS Worldwide wrote the Foreword, and Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager® says, “W. Craig Reed’s new book, Start With Who, shows business, marketing, and sales professionals how to persuade any client with just twelve bullets and a story. He also discusses the fascinating neuroscience that explains why storytelling is so powerful. Enjoy and use this thought-provoking book!” Visit wcraigreed.com for more info on the book.

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Turn candidates into advocates

The Right People: You can spend far more for assessments that turn off candidates as they're boring and take too long. The Right Seats: If you don't share test results, candidates won't feel included. If you do, and they're wrong, it could hurt your brand. The Right Way: Affordable, accurate, and fast. Offer value with insightful, personalized results, and nurture candidates to lower recruiting costs and time.