Hi there. Do you have a small team or limited resources?

Don't have the time to proactively recruit, assess, and track candidates? Can't afford expensive assessment tests? Aren't impressed with simple employee engagement tests that don't improve morale or productivity? Want to outsource all this to an experienced team with proven systems and processes? I can help!

The Right People

I can help you proactively find "rock star" passive candidates without lifting a finger.

The Right Seats

I can eval top performing employees and match them against candidates and positions.

Prefer the Right Way?

I can help you, and hiring managers, entice and close the best candidates and improve retention.


Our awesome features

I'm unique in three ways...


Over 70% of the best candidates aren't looking. Our team will use an AI LinkedIn browser app AI to proactively find the best ones and pre-assess them against requirements for diversity, core values, experience, and soft skills.



High trust teams drive 20% more revenue. My team will use a 10-minute unbiased video test to evaluate employees for trust and soft skills and scores them against roles. We'll also score candidates for trust and soft skills, and against top performers and positions.



My team will help ensure DE&I and determine if candidates Get It (Intuition), Want It (Inclination), and have the Capacity For It (Intellect). We'll use Communication Playbooks to persuade candidates, and dashboards to track progress and DE&I balance.


Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Success Story

A BHG Real Estate office in Northern California had a big problem. Over 85% of their agents were failing or quitting within the first two years...costing hundreds of thousands in recruiting, onboarding, training, and support costs. Here's how I helped them solve this issue...

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Turn candidates into advocates

The Right People: You can spend far more for assessments that turn off candidates as they're boring and take too long. The Right Seats: If you don't share test results, candidates won't feel included. If you do, and they're wrong, it could hurt your brand. The Right Way: Affordable, accurate, and fast. Offer value with insightful, personalized results, and nurture candidates to lower recruiting costs and time.

Our awesome features

Other personality and profiling systems are decades old, complex, and expensive. Only a few use AI or neuroscience. Designed by neuroscientists and HR experts, my system uses a 10-minute visual test with proven 92%+ accuracy to match attributes, tendencies, core values, experience, and soft skills against your job requirements. Studies show high-trust teams have 50% more productivity. My CQ test is the only one that scores brain oxytocin levels--the best indicator of high or low trust--to ensure employee and candidate success.

Our awesome features

It only takes one click with my LinkedIn AI app to enter employee and candidate data into my system, all parsed into the right fields. Use my informative guide to create Positions with required experience, core values, and culture fit. My system automatically determines optimal Soft Skills, experience, and profiles based on SHRM/industry data. Use unbiased data to make informed "right seat" decisions about your current team. For open positions, you can select your top performers in similar roles and score candidates against optimal profiles to ensure the best fit.

Our awesome features

I fully comply with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures while offering more in-depth candidate screening that's far beyond outdated text-based tests. EOS companies and SMBs can score for Intuition (Get It), Inclination (Want It), and Intellect (Capacity for It). Don't lose great candidates to competitors. Use my NLP Communications Playbooks with insights and templates that help you entice and persuade the right people to join your team. My robust and intuitive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) simplifies the process and reduces risks with executive DE&I dashboards, and integrates with most HRIS systems like Workday or BambooHR.

Visual Neuroscience

Text and word-based assessments only appeal to two logical brain areas that account for 10% of decision-making. RemotelyMe's patent-pending visual neuroscience assessment appeals to seven brain areas that account for 100% of decision-making.

BONUS: Military Veterans Network

Since the team who created me are decorated veterans, your subscription includes an exclusive business membership to the Us4Warriors Foundation Work4Warriors job site. Post jobs and promote your job openings to thousands of veterans and their relatives for free!

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Guaranteed results


RemotelyMe is a veteran-owned company dedicated to helping recruiters find the right candidates. By properly using the C-QUIZ Recruiting Platform, we guarantee a 10%+ increase in candidate qualification and culture fit with core values and soft skills. If we can't make it right within your first 90 days, there's no charge. Research from Gallup and other analysts confirm that 84% of firms will maintain remote or hybrid workers. Most remote teams are challenged with high stress, low trust, and difficult communications. Traditional solutions for recruiting, candidate assessment, sales profiling, analysis, and tracking are not optimized for recruiters. They are also not based on behavioral and brain science. RemotelyMe is the first to offer a proven platform that drives 20% higher revenue and 50% more productivity. That's why our customers love us, and we were selected as a TOP 25 WORK TECH VENDOR.


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Our awesome features

Why the other guys fail...

Most other assessment tools are costly and complex--some require a PhD and a 2-day training course. They're also inaccurate and incomplete for four main reasons:

Text-based Q&A tests

Virtually all do not pre-assess before you contact candidates. Most use dozens of "either/or" text questions that can be "gamed." They appeal to only two logical brain areas instead of seven, so they're inaccurate.

Faulty Soft-Skills Evaluation

Few score for soft skills or assume you want 5 out of 5 for all jobs. If hiring an engineer, for example, they may be brilliant but perhaps not the best communicators. Optimal is more like 3, not 5.

No Trust Factor Scoring

Numerous studies show that high-trust employees drive 76% more energy, 50% more productivity, and 20% more revenue. No other solutions score for this. Bob may be a brilliant engineer, but if he can't be trusted, well, you know...

No Communications Playbooks

You want to hire Bob as he's a brilliant engineer, but 86% of the best candidates get hired by competitors. No other solutions offer proven Communications Playbooks to help you entice and convince Bob to join your team.

Why I'm really unique...

I can help you place the right people in the right seats in the right way.